Easter Daisy, Townsend’s Daisy

Townsendia spp.bee.png

It’s worth knowing what an Easter daisy seedling looks like in the garden, as gardeners who don’t mistakenly pull them up will be rewarded the following spring when these tiny gray rosettes erupt with cheerful daisies. The large stemless flowers, which can be white, pink, lavender, blue, or yellow, perch on top of the rosettes and seem out of proportion to the plant’s size. Plants are short-lived but reseed readily; their small size keeps them from crowding out neighboring plants. The 14 Wyoming species can be difficult to identify but are all worth trying in the garden.

Height: 0.5-1.5”
Width: 1-2.5”
Water needs: low to moderate
Exposure: full sun
Availability in nurseries: uncommon, but easy to grow from seed
Native range: western U.S. (varies by species) (WY native)
Plant family: Asteraceae



Photo by Amy Fluet