Garrett’s Firechalice



Epilobium canum (Greene) P.H. Raven ssp. garrettii (A. Nelson) P.H. Raven

Synonym: Zauschneria garrettii A. Nelson

Native to the western part of the state, this low-growing, creeping plant provides a super dose of red-orange color in the late summer. These colorful tubular flowers are often visited by hummingbirds. This plant spreads underground at a moderate rate and can cover a large area if allowed. It is a bit grumpy about being divided. Be careful when you buy plants, as some varieties and species in nurseries are less cold hardy than others.

Height: 12”
Width: 18-24”
Water needs: dry to moist
Exposure: full sun to part shade
Availability in nurseries: common, can also be started from seed
Native range: WY, ID, UT, and AZ
Plant family: Onagraceae


Photo by Dorothy Tuthill