Missouri Evening Primrose

rabbit.pngdeer.pngbee.pngbutterfly.pngOenothera macrocarpa Nutt.

Missouri evening primrose is a somewhat low-growing, sprawling plant with glossy deep-green leaves and huge yellow flowers that bloom in a manner similar to white tufted evening primrose. However, this plant seems to be much more long-lived than the tufted evening primrose. It grows quickly and easily from seed and often blooms its first year. Taprooted Missouri evening primrose wakes up slowly in the spring, so don’t assume it’s dead when it fails to show up in May. Plant it where you want it—it resents transplanting. The large, four-winged fruits blow about the garden and may result in new plants in unexpected places.

Height: 12-18”
Width: 18-24”
Water needs: dry to moist
Exposure: full sun
Availability in nurseries: fairly common
Native range: NE to TX; in WY, only known from a roadside in Sheridan County
Plant family: Onagraceae



Photo by Amy Fluet