Purple Prairie Clover

bee.pngbutterfly.pngDalea purpurea Vent.

Synonym: Petalostemon purpureum (Vent.) Rydb.

This gorgeous purple-flowered plant provides needed color later in the growing season. A slow grower at first, long-lived purple prairie clover takes a year or two to bulk up and really start blooming. It also emerges slowly in the spring. Like other members of the pea family, the plant houses nitrogen-fixing bacteria on its roots, providing natural fertilizer for other plants in the area. Purple prairie clover can reseed.

Height: 2-3’
Width: 1-2’
Water needs: dry to moderately moist
Exposure: full sun to part shade
Availability in nurseries: common
Native range: broadly distributed across North America, except for the coasts
(WY native)
Plant family: Fabaceae



Photo by Brenna Marsicek



Photo by Jennifer Thompson