bee.pngbutterfly.pngChamaebatiaria millefolium (Torr.) Maxim.

Fernbush is relatively new to the nursery trade in our area but is so far proving to be a great addition to the garden. This shrub has a rounded form and aromatic, finely cut gray-green foliage. Branches can break off when squashed by snow so avoid planting under roof lines. When in bloom, the shrub is covered with white flowers, which attract bees and butterflies. Fernbush can be sheared to fit in formal landscapes; Centennial Gardens in Denver has sheared hedges of it.

Height: up to 5’
Width: ~5’
Water needs: low, very drought tolerant once established
Exposure: full sun to part shade
Availability in nurseries: fairly common
Native range: West coast of U.S. and Great Basin
Plant family: Rosaceae



Photo by Jennifer Thompson