Shrubby Potentilla

rabbit.pngdeer.pngPentaphylloides floribunda (Pursh) Löve

Synonym: Dasiphora fruticosa (L.) Rydb. ssp. floribunda (Pursh) Kartesz

This long-blooming, common shrub can be a tough-yet-beautiful addition to the landscape. Plants have a mounded form with finely cut foliage, and varieties are available that have yellow, white, or pink flowers. This shrub is very cold tolerant but may need rejuvenating pruning after some years. Plants can be late to leaf out in the spring.

Height: 2-4’
Width: 2-4’
Water needs: supplemental moisture preferred
Exposure: full sun to part shade
Availability in nurseries: common (but many varieties in nurseries are Eurasian in origin)
Native range: western and northern U.S. (WY native)
Plant family: Rosaceae



Photo by Jennifer Thompson


Photo by Jennifer Thompson